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Danielle Greene

Assistant Teacher

Nine years ago, Danielle joined the MPCC team and how lucky we are to have gained her! Danielle lights up the classroom with her crafty ideas, all around charisma and her obvious love for children. She continues to plug away at her college credits in hopes of receiving an early childhood education childcare certificate through CCV. Her hard work and devotion to her job pays off when you hear parents state, “I cannot wait for my child to be in Danielle’s room,” or “We want the Danielle experience.” Danielle has made a name for herself here at MPCC and it is a great one!
Outside of working, Danielle enjoys spending time with family and friends, dirt bike races, foraging for fiddleheads and taking long car rides where she dubs herself, “Master DNG” and sings 90’s country (Alan Jackson being one of her favorites) or Ja Rule songs.
Loyal and fun-loving are just a few of the amazing characteristics that describe Danielle, and we are so grateful she is one of our staff here at MPCC.

Danielle Greene
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